From Nurse to Midwife - Living in the womb!


About the Event

Ask yourself -

Do you wish to understand the difference between a nurse and midwife?

Do you wish to become a midwife?

If the answer is yes click join this webinar proudly presented by ACN and the Tasmanian Leadership Team.


Listen to the amazing story telling of Yvette as she unpacks her 40 year career from nurse to midwife , from Tasmania, Manchester and the Northern Territory


Key Learning Objectives 

  • Learn from the story of an experienced health professional and her nursing and midwifery journey
  • Learn about midwifery in different areas
  • Gain an understanding of the similarities and differences of nurses and midwives 


About the speaker


Yvette Story  - Clinical Midwife Educator | Centre for Education and Research | Royal Hobart Hospital |Tasmanian Health Service

I have had the best career imaginable! I commenced my nursing and midwifery Journey in August 1984(PTS 8/85 at the Royal Hobart Hospital) – Yep 40 years in August!! And what a ride it has been! I could never imagine the experiences I have had! After completing my Registered Nurse Training, I worked for 12 months and then commenced my midwifery training at St Marys Hospital in Manchester – What an eye opener this was for a 22-year-old! After a few years working as a staff midwife, I came home. I could not believe it when I returned in the early 90’s I could not get a job as a midwife! I eventually did and I worked at the RHH Queen Alexandra hospital, then 3 separate people said to me ‘ you should go and work in Kununurra’ – I at the time I did not have a clue where it was, but applied for a job anyway – and this was the start of one of the best experiences of my professional and personal life – the rural and remote – midwives & rusty nurse! After nearly 8 years of the experience of a lifetime working in a variety of setting both Government and NGO’s. I returned in Tassie, and what a culture shock that was! It took a while to settle, I became the Clinical Midwifery Educator at Calvary, then by default became the learning and Development Co- Ordinator. The second highlight of my career was being the Clinical Midwifery Educator at the RHH, I have been in the role for close to 10 years now and I just love supporting and nurturing the health care workers of the future. Who knows what the last long chapter will bring …. What I do know is that it will be filled with genuine care for all around me with fun and laughter and a little bit of cheekiness.


Wednesday, 28 February 2024
6:30 pm AEDT to 7:30 pm AEDT
Add to Calendar 02/28/2024 6:30PM 02/28/2024 7:30PM Australia/Canberra From Nurse to Midwife - Living in the womb! Hear from Yvette Story, a nurse and midwife who has led a amazing career thus far. Online


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