2024 Venepuncture and Cannulation Course

This hybrid course will provide participants with evidence-based knowledge and skills to perform peripheral venepuncture and peripheral intravenous cannulation within the clinical setting under the supervision of a trained practitioner.

This course includes a 2-hour online Preparation for Venepuncture and Cannulation module and attendance at a 4-hour hands-on simulated workshop.  Once online registration has been completed, students will be sent a link via email to the online module. Students are required to complete the online module before attending the face-to-face workshop.


This course does not deem you as competent in peripheral venepuncture and cannulation.  Throughout this course, you can practice peripheral venepuncture and cannulation under supervision in a simulated environment. Competence is determined by your employer and your institution’s policies. At the conclusion of this course, you will be issued a Certificate of Completion.

Who should attend        

This course is suitable for healthcare professionals who are required to perform peripheral venepuncture and/or peripheral Catheterisation as part of their scope of practice.

Key learning outcomes

On completion, participants will be better able to:

•             Outline the legal and professional requirements related to venepuncture and cannulation.

•             Apply the principles of Hand Hygiene and Aseptic Technique to peripheral venepuncture and cannulation.

•             Recognise the anatomy and physiology related to peripheral veins and arteries

•             Locate the position of peripheral veins and correctly identify the appropriate vein for peripheral venepuncture and cannulation 

•             Identify precautions and contraindications to venepuncture

•             Assess patient venous access, identify restrictions, and determine appropriate equipment required for venepuncture

•             Explain the order of draw process and documentation requirements post draw

•             Demonstrate the correct venepuncture technique and blood sample collection using a vacutainer and a butterfly needle.

•             Identify precautions and contraindications to peripheral cannulation

•             Determine appropriate cannula and insertion site for relevant therapy needs.

•             Identify restrictions and determine appropriate equipment required for peripheral cannulation

•             Demonstrate the correct peripheral intravenous cannula insertion technique, including securing the cannula insitue.

•             Demonstrate appropriate documentation of peripheral cannulation, care, and maintenance practices.


Members:   $350                     Non-Members: $400

10/12/2024 9:00 AM - 1:00 PM
AUS Eastern Daylight Time
6/9 Wentworth Street PARRAMATTA NSW 2150

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