Immunisation Bundle 1- Immunisation Governance

This 4 hour CPD course will cover important topics related to Immunisation policy and governance:

1. The Australian Immunisation handbook is an invaluable resource when administering vaccines as per the National Immunisation program and also with catch-up. This CPD module is a tutorial on navigating the online handbook, locating the information you need, and interpreting this use in clinical practice.

2. Aged care providers have a duty of care and responsibility towards the consumers within their care. This falls under the Aged Care Act 1997 guidelines. The quality of care provided is governed by the Quality Care Principles 2014, which include immunisation schemes for both staff and consumers. Ensuring immunisations across the life span are up to date is important so that we can protect those who are vulnerable and avoid an unnecessary burden within our healthcare system.

In 2019 Australia’s health care system had to face one of the worse flu seasons on record, and many residents living within residential aged care facilities were impacted. During this session, we will be providing you with a refresher on the importance of the influenza vaccine in the aged care setting.

3. The following topics are covered in this recorded Webinar:
- National health strategies relevant to immunisation
- Expert groups advising the Australian Government on immunisation policy and governance
- National Immunisation Program (NIP)

4. Successful vaccination campaigns require effective communication strategies to target vaccine hesitancy and resistance.

Content within this CPD consists of information relating to vaccine hesitancy and how to address the common concerns raised by individuals who are vaccine-hesitant or anti-vaxxers.

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