Gertrude Berger Oration


About the event

The Gertrude Berger Oration is back for 2023. This year's theme is 'Innovation in Nursing' with the Oration to be given by Hayley Gray MACN, Nurse Unit Manager, Victorian Virtual Emergency Department (VVED), Northern Health. Hayley will present on the ‘Evolution of the VVED’.

In addition to the Oration, you will also have the opportunity to hear about the important roles Mental Health Nurse Practitioners are playing whilst embedded in our Emergency Departments with speakers, Naushaba Manzoor and Ravi Chopra who will present An Evaluation of emergency mental health nurse practitioner (EMH NP) service at the Northern health Emergency department Six months date May -Oct 2023.

There will also be the chance to forge meaningful connections with other members while networking and enjoying nibbles during the evening.


Key Learning Objectives

  • To celebrate the memory of Gertrude Berger and her contribution to our profession
  • To learn about how Nurses can help to drive innovative solutions to ‘wicked’ problems such as Emergency Department waiting times
  • To better appreciate how the embedding of Mental Health Nurse Practitioners in the Emergency Department can seek to improve nurses and patient experience

About the Speakers

Hayley Gray MACN - Nurse Unit Manager, Victorian Virtual Emergency Department (VVED), Northern Health.

Hayley has been the Nurse Unit Manager of the Victorian Virtual Emergency Department (VVED) since it became a standalone department and state-wide service in January 2022. Majority of the past 9 years in her nursing career she has been a Clinical Support Nurse/Critical Care Registered Nurse within the Northern Health Emergency Department. Being part of the VVED and the innovative approach to providing health care is extremely rewarding, being able to provide accessible and timely health care to all Victorians.

Naushi Manzoor

Naushi Manzoor has worked in the mental health field for the past 23 years. She is qualified as Mental health nurse Practitioner in 2017 and since worked in Forensicare, community mental health and at Regional School.  She is currently working as a mental health nurse practitioner at Northern Health ED.       

Ravi Chopra